La Bella Journeys:

Another Chance to Change


Writer / Speaker / Creative / Advocate


“You’ve stumbled upon La Bella Journeys, and I am so glad you are here!

Within this virtual space I desire to extend an invitation to anyone who is looking to grow. This journey of life we are each on has so many paths, nooks, and crannies…. And while these paths can be joyous, sorrowful, challenging, or exhilarating, I believe there is always beauty to be found.

There is nothing more powerful than learning from the places you’ve been and imagining where you will go. Whether it is a journey of faith, a journey towards justice, or a journey away from all you have known, there is forever more to learn and more to impart.

Join me as I share my journeys through faith, social justice, community, and just general life via blogging, poetry, and so much more…”

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